BeeGFS at SC22 in Dallas/Texas

Please visit BeeGFS at SC22 in Dallas/Texas. BeeGFS is at Booth #1242 together with Fraunhofer ITWM. Have a look at the new features and development. Here is a sneak peak: BeeGFS_SC22


Changes in BeeOND Setup for BeeGFS 7.2.7 and 7.3.1

With the now mandatory setting of a connAuthFile for BeeGFS there has been some impact on BeeOND. Now BeeOND needs something like this as well. One way of solving the problem is to create a subdiretory beeond in /etc/beegfs.
mkdir -p /etc/beegfs/beeond
Cd into the directory and create configuration files for the BeeGFS Services and a authentication file.
cd /etc/beegfs/beeond
vi AuthFile
for i in mgmtd meta storage helperd client; do echo "connAuthFile = /etc/beegfs/beeond/AuthFile" > beegfs-${i}.conf; done

Because of a bug in the beeond code you must add the AuthFile to /etc/beegfs/beegfs-meta.conf and /etc/beegfs/beegfs-storage.conf configuration as well. You can then start BeeOND with this command:
beeond start -n nodefile -c /BeeGFS/beeond -d /media/beeond -f /etc/beegfs/beeond
I hope this helps.



BeeGFS 7.2.7 released and ready for download

BeeGFS continues to support the RHEL7 / CentOS7 ecosystem with the 7.2.x branch. Packages are available for RHEL7/CentOS7 ( ppc64 AND ppc64le), RHEL8/RockyLinux8/Almalinux8 (ppc64le) and SUSE SLES 15 SP3 and openSUSE leap 15.3 (ppc64le)

Links are available in the Download section

ATTENTION!: Like the 7.3.1 release for security reasons a connAuthfile is now mandatory in BeeGFS.


Bacula 13 ready for download

Bacula 13 (13.0.1 to be precise) can be dowloaded  from the repository for RHEL8 and SLES15 SP3 on IBM Power (ppc64le). Packages for x86_64 on SLES15 SP3 are available as well.


BeeGFS 7.3.1 released

BeeGFS 7.3.1 has been released. Again there have been a lot of bug fixes. . As a security enhancement the usage of a authentication file is now mandatory and enabled per default. However, it can be opted out in the configuration files. Packages are available for RHEL/Alma/Rocky Linux 8 and SLES15.


BeeGFS 7.3.0 released

 ThinkparQ (The company behind BeeGFS) has released BeeGFS 7.3.0, which offers many new interesting features. See the BeeGFS 7.3.0 release notes for

further information.

As a ThinkparQ partner we are proud to deliver  BeeGFS 7.3.0 RPM packages for the ppc64le platform for RHEL8 and SLES15 to the public.

You can download the packages at no charge for testing. If you want to use the enterprise features you need a support contract.

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