BeeGFS Parallel Filesystem

BeeGFS is a fast, highly scalable parallel file system. You can use it in scale up or scale out environments.

It runs on many different plattforms,like x86_64,aarch64 or ppc64le and on different Linux distributions,like RedHat,SUSE or Debian

You can download it free of charge if you want to test if BeeGFS is suitable for your environment.

However, if you want to use BeeGFS in production or one of the enterprise features you must sign a support contract.

We will help you if you have questions in regards to the enterprise features or a support contract.

The main components of BeeGFS are:

  • Management Server
  • Metadaten Server
  • Storage Server
  • Client

To be able to use BeeGFS all four components must be installed and configured

Sagittarius-IT has several years of experience in designing and implementing BeeGFS solutions

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