Bacula Systems Bacula Business Partner

Bacula Enterprise Backup Software

Bacula is a enterprise backup solution, which is available as an open source solution, free of charge, or as an enterprise version.

The enterprise solution requieres a support contract.

If you have questions for bacula backup don't hesitat to ask. We will help you.



    • The support contract is NOT about the datavolume. It doesn't matter if you are backing up 50TB or 500TB

    • Plugins for certain Applications are available. For instance SAP HANA, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Docker and others
    • Webbased GUI (Bweb) for administration of Bacula Enterprise

Bacula Systems Support Subscription

The Subscription is based on the number of the servers you want to backup and the plugins. Another factor is the reaction time in a support case.

This pictures shows the possibilities pretty well:

Bacula subscription Model

No extra costs for backup volume! No extra costs for the numbers of CPU

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